Floor Coaching

From the floor comes the truth. It’s where skills can be observed and results are concrete.


When we start a floor coaching project, we conduct an audit at a point of sale.

To this end, we have set up the TOP 100® matrix. It consolidates 100 specific points to audit. This analysis is conducted by immersion in the points of sale.

We then plan the reporting of the audit to a project group.

With this review of existing techniques and organisations, we can create a robust training project on developing a personalised selling ceremony for the brand, and on improving sales performance.

At this stage, we then launch the following actions:

  • Transcribe these sales techniques so the teams can refer to them regularly
  • Provide managers with training on expanding sales via a good understanding of KPIs and how to improve them
  • Engage the retail manager, who ensures that the implemented system lasts

In this process of field coaching, the teams are trained in a three-step process.

First of all, the managers are trained in the selling ceremony of the brand. Concretely, it is important to ensure the teams know how to implement it in the stores and how to follow it in the long term.

To inaugurate this selling ceremony, the store teams then need to be trained ‘on the floor’, in the presence of the managers.

Lastly, we conduct the follow-up after these actions are implemented. It is important to observe the impact and the results obtained. And to streamline these processes if necessary.

We verify that the action plan we have defined together is actually implemented, and that it obtains the expected results. To this end, we give management tools to the retail manager, evaluate the action plans of each store 1 month afterwards with the retail manager, and measure the results with mystery visits.

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