Management Transformation

Today’s managers are inspiring, curious, generous, and daring. Learn how to transform your interpersonal skills and change your habits in a time of disruption.


Our vision

Today’s managers are inspiring, daring, and generous.

They must relinquish practices and techniques that have had their day. They must open up to ego-free leadership, without any form of representativeness.

Managers must use a foundation of shared values, provide a vision, set a direction, organise, and evaluate. This encourages managers to revisit their contribution to the corporate project, and how they inspire their team.

Above all, this is about trust, especially when managers communicate remotely over half of the time. Not easy …

Our tools

The management training journeys are organised by level:

  • First-time Management for newly promoted managers
  • Manager Coach for managers of all skills levels who supervise floor teams
  • Advanced Management for managers with at least two years of management experience
  • Developer Manager for managers of managers
  • Lead the Leaders for managers involved in building strategy

Capsule modules

These journeys are complemented by capsules lasting 1.5 to 3.5 hours designed for everyone:

  • Evaluate performance
  • Develop a culture of feedback
  • Handle conflict
  • Manage a telecommuting team
  • Promote diversity

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