Sales Signature

A ‘signed’ sale is a client journey punctuated with simple gestures unique to your brand.


The key step in our business transformation was to know who we are and where we come from. This is the trick to getting all of the company’s staff moving.

Nathalie Balla, Co-CEO of La Redoute

Sales associates add their personality and your clients will love it!

This sales signature is an enormous stake for brands, and we have the methodology to define and implement it for your brand.

Texageres offers an innovative method to define and deploy a sales signature specific to each brand.

This is a specific methodology that has proven itself and that allows us to rethink the customer experience, staying true to the roots of the brand. These steps are taken with the staff.

Contact us to work together on your sales signature!

With training on a sales signature specific to the brand, teams from various departments can swiftly grasp the client’s experience with the brand.

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