Learning Experience

Learning experience is a unique pedagogy focused on the employee experience

The employee is plunged into the heart of a community composed of trainers, peers, managers, coaches, and inspiring leaders. This offers an opportunity to learn in the heart of a community, experiment with various learning tools, receive support at key times of one’s career, and live a unique experience as a human.



Each person gleans precious tips and takes advantage of the perspectives of people with diverse personalities. The community is connected via exchange platforms such as Teams, Workday, and Workplace by Facebook. The community uses these platforms to follow the news feed and constantly communicate.



The variety of training methods multiplies the effectiveness of the journeys: video learning, virtual class workshops, retail tours, in-person learning, business cases, and kickoffs .... Employees enjoy learning, and this heightened interest creates commitment.



Managers play an essential role in transferring skills to ‘the floor’. They receive training in skills development methods, and can thus intervene at any point in the journey, reinforce messages, and support the teams.



In an environment in which the codes of the brand have a strong presence, each person must be able to identify his or her contribution to the company’s success. Employees thus identify their strong points via personality tests, take stock of their techniques, and have a better grasp of their relationship with the brand.

Our experiential places

🇫🇷 Paris, France
🇺🇸 New-York, United States of America
🇸🇬 Singapore, Republic of Singapore
🇨🇮 Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Our clients
Laura - Area Manager (household goods)

In just a few days, I learned the best methods to direct a region, prioritize my visits, remotely manage, and develop my leadership. I was lucky to be coached during visits. I didn’t know that the profession of area manager was something you can learn.

Marcel - Store Manager (Horology)

The trainers and tools offered were a real asset. You can’t just become a manager overnight. The training was able to address the issues we encounter on the floor every day. I really do think that this training has been enriching for me as a manager. I believe my staff have noticed the difference!

Martin - IT Manager (luxury group)

When you have a position at the group level, you don’t necessarily think of receiving training in the presence of retail teams. I went through an online journey with people from very diverse universes and brands. I was able to develop my management, while exploring the professions of stores that initially seemed to be very different from mine.

Emma - Sales Associate (lingerie)

My company offered me the opportunity to embark on a path to become a manager. During one year, I followed the training modules with a group of 12 sales associates. I came out of it with a ‘Bac+2’ diploma (certifying 2 years of higher education). Prior to this, I only had a ‘Bac’ high school diploma. That year was incredible!