Virtual classes

With virtual classes, your employees remotely learn as a group. Our virtual classes are key tools for accelerating the knowledge development of your employees.

Our virtual classes are key tools for accelerating the knowledge development of your teams.

Each virtual class has a specific theme that is established beforehand, when the training journey is set up. The class is part of the overall journey that is designed specifically for you.

On average, these online classes last 1.5 hours.

A trainer specialized in retail runs these classes, along with an internal trainer sometimes, or in the presence of the project sponsors.

During these virtual classes, the instructors combine theory, feedback, and brainstorming in their pedagogy. There are tools to bring the classes to life: quizzes, subcommittees, whiteboards, and videos, for example.

With the times when participants exchange with each other, the class takes on its full meaning. The exchanges, inspiration, reactions, and learning are just as much with the other participants as with the trainers.

If a day of in-class training needs to be converted into a virtual class, it will then be composed of an initial and final evaluation, video learning, and e-learning, and 3 virtual classes interspersed with individual work.

With each passing day, we see that this learning experience is very effective.

Imagine spending one day in a 7-hour language class. At the end of the day, what would your progress be?

Imagine that this same training is organized based on our learning experience logic: there is the evaluation of your practical level, e-learning, and then three 1.5 hour sessions spaced a few days apart, interspersed with individual work.

What would your progress be then? Probably better.

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